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Everita offers a wide range of development and consultancy services. Contact us using the form below and we'll have a technical expert get in touch to discuss your requirements. We'll endeavor to reply within the next few hours, if not sooner.

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Having developed highly successful desktop and mobile applications, including high performance websites, Everita continues to offer its high-end software design and development service.

Having MySQL performance issues?

Everita can audit MySQL as well as your application. We're experts at optimising, tuning and scaling MySQL installations. With this understanding we can provide you with a comprehensive audit of your entire system helping you take remedial action.

We also offer remote DBA services for MySQL, and can be on hand to offer your developers expert advice.

Front-End Optimisation

Almost as important as making your website deliver pages quickly is to ensure that they are rendered quickly by your users' browser. There are a swathe of optimisations that can be made to ensure your pages load faster without resorting to extra bandwith or more hardware.

Please give us any information you can regarding your request. Including — but not limited to — the nature of the problem, the platforms that are involved, and any URLs of relevance.

Having MySQL performance issues?

We're experts at tuning MySQL and offer a MySQL performance consulting service.

LAMP stack not performing as you'd hoped?

Everita is experienced at getting the most out of your Linux, Apache, MySQL and Perl, PHP or Python setup. We're Drupal Experts.

Client Testimonials

Steve was knowledgeable and diligent in helping us identify application characteristics which were impacting MySQL's efficiency.

I would recommend him to anyone needing help optimising MySQL server and look forward to working with him in the future.

Richard Ainley
Performance Tester
WorkPlace Systems PLC

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